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Hi i'm gosia i'm 17 and live in the netherlands .ncis (LA aswell )lover <3 jibbs <3 tiva <3 mcabby
my idols are meryl streep ,helen mirren ,cher ,lauren holly ,hillary clinton and many more<3 o and i love crossing jordan , house md,rizzoli and isles , house md, how i met your mother ,30 rock ,body of proof and castle <3

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if you want heart ache, give me a reason to run
if you want a love song, give me a reason to write you one

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Driving in the fast lane
Counting mile marker signs
The empty seat beside me
Keeps you on my mind

Livin’ in the heartache
Was never something I pursued
I can’t keep on chasing
What I can’t be for you

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Louisa Gummer


Oohh that SOo cute !!!!

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The cast of Grey’s Anatomy participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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Grey’s Anatomy + Dance

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"your ex wife was brilliant and she slept with me"

"addison and i are good together"

"i lost my best friend and the woman i loved"

"come back to new york with me"

"im flawed, im a wreck, but you, it wasnt a game"

"you’re worth it"

"i’m an easy mark for evil readheads"

"i care about…


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Tell me how long has it been

Since you’ve been here


Maddison + Little Things


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