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Hi i'm gosia i'm 17 and live in the netherlands .ncis (LA aswell )lover <3 jibbs <3 tiva <3 mcabby
my idols are meryl streep ,helen mirren ,cher ,lauren holly ,hillary clinton and many more<3 o and i love crossing jordan , house md,rizzoli and isles , house md, how i met your mother ,30 rock ,body of proof and castle <3

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Bitter is the taste of the truth that we can’t face
I see the light of a silver moon
Shining on lovers and liars
Here’s to the fighters and here’s to the fools
Lost in the fire of love



The Common Linnets representing the Netherlands, Eurovision 2014

It’s like they’re a pretty cool representation of what’s in a country, with a Yin and Yang feel to it.

He’s the masculine side. His clothes seem to point out he’s also the side of darkness, and of tradition.


She’s the…

Guys please cheer me up …

And your beautiful dreams are illusions,
And the song that you sing is not true

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Cuteness overload.

if you want heart ache, give me a reason to run
if you want a love song, give me a reason to write you one

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I was thereeeeee

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mom can i borrow $100,000 please i’ll give u it back when im rich and famous

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"There was this guy today and i dont know if he was flirting with me or laughing at

- Me.

"She sees beauty in everything but herself."

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"I wacht so many shows its unreal."


Namaste and shit

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