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Hi i'm gosia i'm 17 and live in the netherlands .ncis (LA aswell )lover <3 jibbs <3 tiva <3 mcabby
my idols are meryl streep ,helen mirren ,cher ,lauren holly ,hillary clinton and many more<3 o and i love crossing jordan , house md,rizzoli and isles , house md, how i met your mother ,30 rock ,body of proof and castle <3

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Vladimir Putin Calls Sarah Palin On ‘The Tonight Show’

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2fule asked: You're a vegan... but you're also pro choice? So you value the lives of animals over humans? Wow.


An animal sent to slaughter has an understanding of its surroundings, can sense mortal danger, can experience fear, and can feel pain. A human fetus can do none of these things.

A factory-farmed animal is an autonomous individual who breathes on its own and collects its nutrients without having to take them from another living animal. A human fetus lives inside another person’s body and cannot survive outside of it.

Consider this: A pregnant cow repeatedly walks through a space between fence bars that is almost too narrow for her. She does this until she miscarries her calf. This cow just aborted her calf, and even though that is the death of an animal, I support that cow. You go, cow. You abort that fetus you can’t care for. Animals abort pregnancies when they feel it necessary, because abortion is natural. Humans also have elective abortions when they feel it necessary.

I don’t think any innocent sentient being should be murdered or tortured unnecessarily. Aborting a fetus you cannot support or cannot deliver for whatever reason is completely different from going out and shooting a cow because it tastes good, and it’s definitely different from the prolonged torture factory-farmed animals experience. The animals we kill don’t affect our life choices or our bodies (until after we kill them and eat them, at least).

The point is, like most pro-choicers, I don’t view elective abortion and murder as the same thing. Killing a born human is murder. Removing a human fetus is abortion. Killing a born farm animal is murder (in my vegan opinion). Removing a farm animal fetus is abortion. (I don’t support removing animal fetuses for any money-saving or money-earning purpose. Here, I am referring to animals aborting their pregnancies on purpose or humans helping an animal abort when the pregnancy is damaging its health). So, no, I don’t value animal life over human life. I value any born life over any fetal life. A pregnant person is more important to me than the fetus inside. A pregnant cow is more important to me than the fetus inside.

0/10. Absolute worst argument ever presented to me.


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